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Tikal” is a Hiligaynon1 word that means to brag or to tell a lie.

Naga tinikal naman si Badong!2

But there is also another meaning: to tell a grand story. And that is the aim of this blog–to tikal the history of the Visayans, an ethnic Filipino group to where the author of this blog belongs to. It wants to do away with the “lie” associated with tikal by telling the grand story of Visayans by piecing together facts and data gathered from reputable sources after careful research.

That is to say, Bibliotikal is all about tinikal with citations.

This blog also aims to be a catalogue and depository for otherwise difficult to access journals, manuscripts, books, and articles. If you’re a student and/or a researcher looking for resource materials on Visayan history and history of medicine in general, feel free to send me a message (see Contact page). An online bibliography of available texts (in pdf) will soon be uploaded, so please watch out for that.

In the future and as I get better in coding (currently learning Golang), more articles on how to better use modern tools–such as geomapping, data visualisation, browser extensions–in historical and biological research will be featured.

  1. Hiligaynon is the dominant language in Western Visayas. ↩︎

  2. “Badong is telling a lie again!” ↩︎

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